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where fine dining, fun, & the forbidden flower intersect

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Welcome to the introductory pop-up event hosted by the

 Mirage Supper Club

Focusing on infused fine-dining, fun, and education,

this 1st annual event is going to be transcendent.

We've all been locked away for too long due to the pandemic.

Now that things are finally getting back to normal,

why not take a moment and celebrate?

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What's Infusiasm?

A play on the word "enthusiasm", "Infusiasm" literally means to infuse enthusiasm into a person.

Infusiasm420™ is our way of showing that infused foods, treats, and drinks can be an enthusiastic, uplifting, and relaxing experience.

Image by Sumeet Singh

The Concept

The forbidden flower has come a long way from the gritty, hush-hush, and sometimes deadly terrain in which it found its roots.

Today, it is one of the fastest growing business endeavors, stock investments,

and medical research specimens in the world.

In the ingestible market alone, the industry's fastest-growing sector, this powerful botanical pulled in $712 million from January 2019 to June 2019, an increase of 27.5% from the previous year.

That's in just six (6) months!

As a fine-dining focused company, we felt it was in our best interest to learn more about this amazing healing plant,

and how to incorporate it into everyday life by infusing various foods, drinks, and sweets.

Now we're ready to share the knowledge, the joy, and the food, with those that are interested in learning

how to heal themselves from the inside out.

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Infusiasm420™ is about cultivating a vibe.

April 20, 2021


Southfield, MI

Bringing like-minded people together to enjoy a new experience.

Concept Video:


To comply with the COVID-19 regulations, this event has a 50 guest capacity.

I am capping it at 40 to ensure that tables can remain 6' apart.

EVERY seat will have it's own hand sanitizer.

Masks will be provided at the door.

Please be aware that event security will be monitoring the room to ensure masks remain on when guests are not actively eating/drinking.

This is a TICKETED event, so only those that are working the event or have purchased tickets will be allowed inside the venue.

The menu

Have you ever had a meal that you just can't stop talking about, thinking about, and dreaming about?

Well if you haven't, you're about to. Seven courses to be exact.

The menu concept for this inaugural event will highlight the backgrounds of each chef,

pairing them beautifully with flavor packed influences from Mediterranean & Asian cultures.

Fusion style soul food at its finest.

An Infused Dining Experience 4.20.21-6.p

If you have a food allergy, PLEASE INDICATE SO on the order form during ticket purchase.

CBD/THC levels subject to change.


With over 10 years of cooking and fine-dining experience, these chefs have the vision and the palettes

to pull off the most inventive of menus.

Chef Sabrina and Chef Tracey have teamed up to bring the flavor!

Chef Sabrina

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Chef Tracey

Morris Day.

Stephan Marley.

Jack Burks Jr.

"Welcome To Sweetie Pies"

just to name a few...

This is the type of influence that Chef Tracey possesses.

With an impressive palette and great Southern hospitality, the owner of "A Trace of Flavor" in Houston, TX, sends the residents of "Space City" into another dimension with every meal.


Notable names like the late President George Bush Sr,

Joanna Levesque (JoJo), and Seth MacFarlane have tasted creations from this young, talented, inspiring chef.

Join the ranks by dining with us at this outstanding event.

Image by Shelby Ireland

The Entertainment

Music is everything.

It helps us feel, connect, and dream.

No MSC event will ever be without the vibes.

The vendors

Health, Wellness, and Healing go hand in hand with this event, so we sought out vendors that share our vision, and help to elevate the experience, even when it's over.


spot opening

Apply to be a vendor >>
Image by Matthew Sichkaruk


Seven dope courses filled with the forbidden flower, AND a concert?!

Come enjoy the high life. If only for one night.

This seat definitely has your name on it.

Grab it while you can.

Sales end April 13th, 2021.

The sponsors

We are currently seeking compatible sponsors to help this event be as spectacular, informative, and decadent as possible.

If you are interested in becoming an integral part of this experience,

please complete the form below to receive a sponsorship proposal package.

We can't wait to work with you!

Be Our Sponsor!

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Dining Event FAQs

How do I buy a ticket?

All ticket sales will be handled through Eventbrite. Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives! Reserve your seat in the ticket area above, or get your tickets here!

Can I bring friends?

Yes you can! All tickets have a maximum of 4 attendees. Everyone in your party MUST BE 21+. If you are booking as a group, you will have your own table at the event.

What about COVID-19?

STRICT Covid regulations will be enforced. All guests MUST be masked unless ACTIVELY eating or drinking. Security will be monitoring for safety. Masks will be provided. Every seat will have it's own hand sanitizer.

I bought a ticket, but need to cancel. What do I do?

Firstly, thank you for the support! It is greatly appreciated! However, due to the nature of this event, all food and drink products, as well as swag bags, will be purchased/created based on the number of attendees, therefore we do not offer refunds. Please give us as much lead time as possible if you know that you will have to cancel. That way we can re-open ticketing and fill your spot(s). Also, if you would like to give your seat to someone that you know, please inform us and we can get the ticket re-assigned. If that doesnt work out, the paid amount can be transferred to the next MSC event you'd like to attend. If you need to cancel, please contact us

What if I'm allergic to something in the dinner?

We will be taking everyone's after purchase questionnaire answers and looking at the food alergies provided. We will try our best not to include any of the known allergies of those in attendance, into the menu. Dish ingredients will be listed on the menu for more control.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

Due to the nature of this event, door ticket purchases will not be allowed. Food purchasing has to occur prior to the event, and will be allocated to the number of guests that are locked in. Therefore, ticket sales will cease one week prior to the event. Don't want to miss this dinner? Buy your tickets and reserve your spot.

How do I stay up to date on other events?

This is the first installment of a Mirage Supper Club event! The intention of this supper club is to provide unqiue meal experiences on a monthly basis. The official website will be live soon! Please register there for more info! www.miragesupper.com Thanks so much for the support!